Volley Ball Secrets Revealed

Attention All Budding Volleyball Champions:

“Don’t Even THINK About Attempting
Another Serve, Pass, Spike, Set-Up
or Block... Until You Read This!"

“The champions in any sport give us the best
 picture of how a game should be played.

Champions are champions because they have
mastered the fundamentals -- not because
 they dream up fancy plays”

Dear friend,

I believe you and I share a common interest – a desire to improve our volleyball skills by wanting to understand all the secret, subtle details of the sport. If I’m correct, then what I’m about to say will interest you

See, anyone can learn how to do a few basic blocks, spikes and serves, but there’s more to volleyball than that, isn’t there?

Just like any sport you can think of, the real Masters, the real Top Dogs, are the ones who have a really detailed understanding of the fine points of each and every move they make…

Now You Can Do The Same!

For example, Tiger Woods didn’t get to be the world’s best Golfer without understanding all the tiny details that turn average players into great ones, did he?

Ever wonder what they know but you don’t?


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Well Read On And You Soon Will…

But before I tell you, let me ask you something…

Have you ever wondered why you’re not making enough progress in mastering even the basic volleyball techniques fast enough?


Have you ever found yourself frustrated by not having enough self-confidence to take on those big overhand serves?

Or worse still…

Have you ever found yourself a little angry or frustrated that when it comes to those spectacular Spiking techniques, it just doesn’t seem to flow right every time?

Listen: If you've ever felt or experienced ANY of these things, then pay careful attention to what I'm about to tell you in the next 5 minutes, because...

You Can Do Something About It…

Now just imagine yourself… strong, fit and flexible with razor-sharp reflexes

See yourself performing match-winning spikes with grace and style…

Hear the words of respect you’re getting from those around you who see how your setup technique has dramatically improved…

Feel the self-confidence oozing from you as you walk out into the competition arena and perform in a big tournament…

Isn’t that what you really want?

Now, at this point you might be wondering, "Yes, but where do I get the knowledge, training and insider secrets to achieve this?”


This Is Where I Come In…

See, I’ve recently stumbled, quite by accident, on an amazing solution to all these problems…

A half-forgotten out-of-print book, full of amazingly detailed volleyball techniques…

Now, here’s the best bit: I’ve managed to get the republishing rights to the original book and made it into an easy download!

The book is called…

“Volleyball Secrets Revealed”

Volleyball Secrets Revealed

As you read the book, you realise these winning volleyball techniques are the foundation on which ALL modern day training, competitions and tournaments are built.

Just that realisation alone is all the inspiration you need to get started right now…

In fact, this book was such a help and inspiration to me…

I Was Determined To Bring This Book
Back Into The Public Eye

And that’s just what I’ve done…

The thing is: Until recently this resource was almost lost to the modern-day Volleyball player. And although it’s helped a small number of people over the last few decades, it's only recently become available again after months of painstaking research and development on my part.

This long-lost book has now been digitally scanned and revamped for the Internet age where, let’s face it – everyone expects instant downloads!

It’s packed full of clear photographs and line drawings showing every detail of all the techniques.

It’s ideal for those interested in quickly mastering EFFECTIVE volleyball skills…

Here Are Some Of The Things
You’ll Discover Inside…
“Volleyball Secrets Revealed”

Volley Ball Secrets - Two sneaky things you MUST do when serving to CRIPPLE your opponent’s offensive play. You’ve trained hard and want to win, so you must take every advantage you can to score winning points against your opponents. Here’s two ways to do it to them… before they do it to you!

Volley Ball Secrets - The vital factor you must understand when serving a 'floater'. Get this right and your opponents will have a hard time... every time... trying to return your serve!

Volley Ball Secrets - How to HURT the confidence and morale of the opposition. Use these strategies and watch how they lead to indecision, mistakes and bad judgement in the opposing team. Cause chaos and win the day!

Volley Ball Secrets - The one skill you must possess that's guaranteed to be your golden key to successful volleyball. More great players spend time getting this part of their game nailed down than any other. So what are YOU waiting for!

Volley Ball Secrets - One bad practice you must completely ELIMINATE from your game. This will cause more lost points in a game than any other. Find out what it is and how to banish it forever!

Volley Ball Secrets - The nine qualities a good Volleyball player must possess. If you want to be the very best you can be in this sport, you need to hone these traits. All the top dogs have them. See how YOU measure up!

Volley Ball Secrets - The three attributes every 'Spiker' should have. Listen: when it comes to the glamorous part of the game, not everyone makes a good Spiker. There are qualities you positively must have to excel when it comes to consistent point scoring. Do YOU have what it takes? The answer may surprise you!

Volley Ball Secrets - The top three strengths… and four weaknesses in Spiking. Like anything in life, building on your strengths and eliminating your weaknesses will make you good at anything. Follow the advice here and become a top-flight Volleyball point scorer!

Volley Ball Secrets - Blocking for success. There's no doubt about it, good defensive blocking can demoralise the most deadly opposition Spiker and his team. Here's the low-down on how to do it right and stack the odds in YOUR favour every time!

Volley Ball Secrets - The three keys to peak physical conditioning. It goes without saying if you're NOT physically fit, you'll struggle with Volleyball. But there are three areas you can focus on to stay in shape for maximum performance. It easier than you think to add speed, power and endurance to YOUR game!

Volley Ball Secrets - Ten fundamental skills that make a top Volleyball official. It doesn't matter what officiating role you could be doing. There are ten things you have to consistently do to guarantee the match runs smoothly without disruption, arguments and chaos. Find out what they are, because you don't want the players, other officials, or the crowd on your back do you!

Volley Ball Secrets - Plus lots, lots more!

Now the thing is: If you wanted to uncover this long-lost information yourself, it would take you months of your own time and thousands of Dollars - searching for what you need - buying the book - checking the legal copyright – scanning the contents – converting it into digital format – editing it and then making it available to people like you and me.

Now I know you're probably sceptical about how much it will help you after reading all the modern-day volleyball books, but consider this: Volleyball Secrets Revealed is filled from end-to-end with ORIGINAL volleyball facts and techniques.

And that’s what makes practising all the techniques inside Volleyball Secrets Revealed such a sensible thing to do…

…because when all’s said and done, all you really want to do is…

Master The Moves
That Nail Your Competition!

Listen: This is NOT watered-down, re-hashed, second-hand information, passed on over the years…

Make no mistake; the content inside Volleyball Secrets Revealed is the best of its kind

So if you’re really interested in soaking up volleyball secrets at any level – then doesn’t it make sense to at least give it a look?

And that’s not all: I want you to study and practice the techniques in Volleyball Secrets Revealed - completely and totally risk-free (I'll tell you about my unique guarantee in a moment)…

So now you’ve seen everything you’ll discover in this book…

Let Me Ask You A Question…

If you DON’T put the knowledge in Volleyball Secrets Revealed to use, what WILL you do to improve your skills?

You could carry on as you are… practicing hard and staying an average volleyball player…

Or you could keep freezing with fear in the big pressure situations when you really need to show some decisive action…

Or you could keep on dreaming of being a great player.

Will any of these things make you feel better about yourself for NOT training your mind, body and competitive spirit to execute those winning plays? Not likely.

But on the other hand, you can quickly and easily apply the techniques of Volleyball Secrets Revealed, to get you above the pack following tried and tested training methods…

Now what would THAT be worth to your self-esteem!

Do You Finally Want To Stop Being Seen As Average,
And Become An Elite Volleyball Player?

If “yes,” then I invite you to come and download Volleyball Secrets Revealed right away…

Now at this point you’re probably asking, “So what does this cost and what do I get for my money?” That’s a great question and one you deserve an answer to…

For a very brief window of time, you can get it for the incredibly low investment of just $27.

So what's the catch?
There is none. In fact, I’m…

Practically Giving This Resource Away

And believe me, some people who’ve bought this amazing resource have committed themselves to it and made great progress in their volleyball game.

And here’s another thing: Just imagine for a moment people you know, asking YOU to teach them the skills you’ve learned…

You’ll be seen as an expert - the ‘go to’ person!

Listen: Never before has the complete and authentic, Volleyball Secrets Revealed ebook been available.

This has only just been released to the public, so you’re getting this at a very low introductory price.

The fact is; long-lost knowledge like this can be worth many times the price to you over the coming years.

And don’t forget, your copy of Volleyball Secrets Revealed comes as an instantly downloadable ebook, so you can be digging into the contents in just a couple of minutes from now…

Not bad, eh? But even more importantly

I’m So Committed To Seeing You
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Using These Newly Recovered Secrets –
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Here’s how it works…

You see, I’m always on the look out for anything ‘Volleyball’ related, so I’m confident I’ll lay my hands on more volleyball goodies over the coming months…

And when I do, I GUARANTEE you’ll be the first to receive full updates to Volleyball Secrets Revealed - absolutely FREE - for the next 24-months.

And we’re not over yet by a long shot, because remember earlier I told you about my risk-free guarantee?

100% Risk Free Guarantee


Here’s The Best Guarantee
You’ve Ever Seen…

You’re fully protected by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Volleyball Secrets Revealed isn’t right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I’ll give you a prompt 100% refund – every penny you paid. That’s a full refund, not partial or pro-rated, which means you risk nothing!

The bottom line is: I’m more than happy to take all the risk on my shoulders, so you don’t have anything to lose.

Could any offer be fairer than that?

It’s So Easy To Get Started

Okay, to get your hands on your instantly downloadable Volleyball Secrets Revealed ebook… complete with your GUARANTEED 24-Month Update BONUS… and fully protected, 60-day, 100% iron-clad money-back GUARANTEE - all you have to do is order here:

Now go win something!


Jack Medlin
Jack Medlin
Publisher - 'Volleyball secrets revealed'

P.S. Look, it isn’t hard to be ‘average’ at anything is it? But the truth is -- it isn’t hard to be above average either. See, most people are lazy and think reaching average will get them everything they want, but all it takes is a little dedication and the right mindset, and you can become top dog at almost anything these days.

So doesn’t it make sense to put in just a small amount of extra application to become ‘king of the mountain?

Just by making that decision alone and downloading Volleyball Secrets Revealed -- you have in your grasp everything you need to become a great Volleyball player at Local, National and even International level. And that’s a good thing, isn’t it?

I mean, why be average when you have an opportunity here to be W-A-Y ABOVE average.

P.P.S. You’re just one click away from having an almost forgotten treasure trove of Volleyball techniques at your fingertips. Order now and take possession of the nearest thing to a small-scale volleyball display team you’ll ever find.

P.P.P.S. Remember you’re completely covered by my 60-day, 100%, iron-clad, money-back GUARANTEE: If you decide your copy of Volleyball Secrets Revealed isn’t right for you, just let me know within 60-days and I’ll give you a prompt 100% refund.


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